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The Best Pre- and Post-Workout Meals to Power Your Workouts

Imagine showing up for your next workout ready to absolutely tear it up. You’ve been watching a lot of Olympic performances and you’re feeling inspired. We all are. So you approach your first exercises with confidence and intention, but instead of nailing new personal bests, you feel lethargic, weak, and maybe even a little light-headed. […]

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Improving Exercise Performance: Breathwork is the Technique That Will Elevate Your Workout Routine

If you’re in the gym, it’s probably because you want to improve exercise performance. That means something different to everyone, but it doesn’t matter if you want to prep for a competition, improve exercise performance, lose weight, or simply make sure you’re crushing each workout better than the last: you know you need a well-balanced program […]

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Why Jenny Loves Mekanix

Jenny was a college athlete and she never lost her love of staying active. For many years she focused on lifting weights but recently decided to try something different. Find out why she fell in love with Mekanix. And make sure to check out the video to find out Jenny’s favorite calisthenics movement. Hint: it […]

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Why Patti Loves Mekanix

Patti has been working out regularly since she was in high school. She’s done all kinds of workouts from weight lifting, to running, to CrossFit, to high intensity bootcamps. Find out what captured her interest about calisthenics. And make sure to check out the video to find out Patti’s unexpected favorite calisthenics movement and why […]

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Why Scott Loves Mekanix

Not familiar with calisthenics? Neither was Scott when he first came in to try a class. Scott had been working out for years before he came in to try his first class at Mekanix. His normal routine was lifting weights 3 – 4 times a week at a big box gym. Sound familiar? He decided […]

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The 7 Phases of a World Class Workout System

How a systematic approach to your workout can reduce injury, improve flexibility and balance, and make you REALLY strong. By intelligently structuring your workout with a system you can create whole body gains with nothing but your body, a pull-up bar, a pair of rings, and some mental grit. If you want to get fancy […]

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Justin And Patti Read Journals

A 15 Minute Tip that creates big results in the gym and beyond

I relearned an important lesson today.   It was a common sense lesson I thought I had locked down long ago.  But after I goofed a few weeks in a row it was a good wake-up call for me.  I’m sharing this today so you can get an easy win from my mistake. I promise if […]

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Who are Pauly and Pablo?

Today I learned about Pauly and Pablo from my friend and Mekanix super star Greg!  It’s an awesome story that put a big smile on my face.  And maybe most importantly, I got Motivated to TRAIN HARD!  I promise that wrapped up in all this are some valuable calisthenics nuggets.  But I’m getting ahead of […]

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