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Our Core Objectives

  1. Provide high quality instruction. It seems almost anybody feels qualified to provide exercise, nutrition, and wellness guidance these days. We are committed to providing high quality instruction and education, grounded in education, science, and experience, both through our own personal journeys and the journeys of the athletes we coach.
  2. Deliver and promote excellence. Are working out to hang out, or do you have a goal in mind?  We promise you’ll have a great time, but our first emphasis is on promoting excellence across the board: in our instructors, in our training, in our community, and most importantly … IN YOU!
  3. Establish and grow healthy lifestyles. We want to inspire you to take your same commitment to fitness inside the gym, outside the gym.  At Mekanix we help our athletes establish and grow healthy lifestyles.
  4. Fuel your ambition. Having a great physique and maintaining optimal health is an amazing achievement in life. It’s also a great springboard for sitting down and deciding exactly what you would like to achieve in your life, in terms of career, business, goals, creative projects and building a fulfilling lifestyle in general. You’ll be feeling so good on our programs that you may be surprised how creative you feel and just how much energy you have to spur those long held goals and dreams into action.
  5. Foster and grow a vibrant community. Community is a staple in our fitness philosophy at Mekanix.  We strives to develop a community of like-minded individuals who support, encourage, motivate, and assist one another in reaching their personal goals.  In fact, the communal aspect of Mekanix is a key component of how we produce such exceptional results for our athletes.  Our members enjoy community events such as lunches, speakers, Saturday socials, and much more.