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Why Calisthenics is Better

Training with one arm

POP QUIZ! Are you ready?

Question 1: What style of exercise is fun, requires little/no equipment, and is based on progressive & functional movements?

Question 2: What style of exercise is scalable to different levels, and is flexible with the time and space you have available?

If you guessed calisthenics for both of these questions, you’re right!

Calisthenics is a form of exercise dating back nearly 3,000 years. This time-tested, versatile activity allows you to learn new skills, maintain your health, and, most importantly, makes working out enjoyable!

Are you interested in getting started in calisthenics or wanting to take your training to the next level? Watch the video below to learn more about why calisthenics is better than other kinds of workouts, and come try it out for yourself! Schedule your first class with us at http://www.mekanixhouston.com/schedule.