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Group Training

Group training classes are a core part of the Mekanix offering. Our class sizes are small, typically 5 – 10 per class. We believe these class sizes offer the perfect blend between personal attention from our skilled instructors and motivation from working out in a group. We offer the following group classes:

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Calisthenics Group Class

Our standard calisthenics class lasts an hour. Every class is a full body workout but certain muscle groups are particularly emphasized on different days: we have pushing, pulling, and legs/athletic conditioning.

Our class sizes are small which allows for lots of instructor interaction. Our instructor demonstrates the movements and ensures each person knows how to safely and properly perform each one. Movements can be scaled up or down to make them harder or easier, depending on your experience with the movement. The class is broken down as follows:

  1. Warm-up and then stretching and mobility work to prepare the body to safely workout.
  2. Strength warm-up.  We typically do several sets of body weight circuits at a moderate level to prepare the body for more intense work. Each circuit consists of 2 – 4 different exercises. Adjustments are given to make the exercise easier or harder depending on each student’s skill level and needs.
  3. Strength circuits. Similar to above, these circuits usually involve fewer repetitions that are more challenging. As above, our instructor ensures each student has the exercise scaled to what they can comfortably handle.
  4. Conditioning. We finish with a few minutes of vigorous cardiovascular or abdominal conditioning.
  5. Cool down and stretching. Lastly, our instructor leads the group cool down and stretching to prevent injury and help with recovery.

Active Recovery Class

Active Recovery classes consist of low to moderate intensity exercises to promote blood flow and mobilize the primary joints. They are less intense than a calisthenics class, but unlike our Recovery and Flexibility Class, Active Recovery Classes incorporate movement under load (e.g. band and ring work) This class will help improve dynamic flexibility and prevent injury. Our standard active recovery class lasts an hour and includes:

  • Warm-up to prepare the body to safely workout and get into deeper stretches.
  • Stretching. We go through a variety of stretches to fully stretch your body.
  • Mobility. We go through exercises using tools like resistance bands and bars. These exercises particularly target supporting muscle groups.

Active Recovery classes are a great class if you’re looking for a lower impact class to keep your body moving. Don’t confuse low-impact with easy, though. Active Recovery classes will challenge you and provide a great workout.

Recovery and Flexibility Class

In this class you will learn and be walked through routines of simple physical exercises, foam rolling, and stretching that quicken recovery and improve flexibility. This kind of self-care is important for reducing the likelihood of injury and improving performance through the reduction of unnecessary tension and the correction of muscle imbalances. This class is safe for and helpful to people of all fitness levels. Our standard Recovery and Flexibility Class last 1 hour.

Specifically, the techniques that are taught include the following:

  • Self-myofascial release is a form of massage that triggers a relaxation response in the muscle while reforming the connective tissue around it.
  • Stretching trains the nervous system within the muscle to more readily accept a lengthened state. It also reforms the connective tissue.
  • Reciprocal inhibition acts on pairs of opposing muscles. Through stimulating one muscle, its opposing muscle is released. This training of the neuromuscular system corrects unhealthy muscle imbalances.

We believe mobility and flexibility are so important to overall physical fitness, we incorporate them into every class. Our recovery and flexibility classes are unique in that they focus on mobility and flexibility 100%. These classes are perfect for preparing your body for more advanced body weight movements while also making your body more robust to avoid injury. They are perfect to counteract the effects of sitting at a desk all day long.


Learn to train and improve one of the most important tools in your arsenal – your breathe. You breathe every day (well, we certainly hope you do!), but like most of us, probably not optimally. This 30 minute guided breathe section will help you learn to expand lung capacity, control mental and physical state through breathe, and improve breathing mechanics. You will find this 30 minute class to be very relaxing.

Contrast Therapy

Growth happens as a result of your body being exposed to positive stress. Contrast therapy is exposing your body to cold then heat then back again and repeating. You may have heard about cryo studios that expose you to freezing nitrogen gas. We use ice baths and a dry sauna. The relaxation benefits are huge and while the scientists are still gathering data there are hints of some pretty compelling health and recovery benefits, too.

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