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Not what it seems . . .


I went to the Houston Cisterns yesterday.  If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it (for the non-Houstonians, it’s worth the trip).

Once an underground water reservoir for the city, this beautiful piece of engineering has now been turned into a civic experience.  I went to see a temporary art exhibit – an audiovisual piece projected in the dark of this massive underground cavern.  The water reservoir is massive, wrapped by a small walkway that you lets walk completely around.    I found the Cisterns both breathtaking and eerie at the same time.  The pitch black dark is illuminated only by the light from the massive video projector in the center of the reservoir perhaps 100 ft away.

As I peered into the water, the first thing that struck me was how deep it was.   As I walked slowly around the reservoir, I was trying to get a gauge on exactly deep the water was.  20 ft.?  30 ft?  50 ft.?  It seemed massive.

And, then, finally, I got a real gauge on what I was looking at.  The water wasn’t 50 ft. deep, or even 20 ft. deep.  It was maybe only a few inches deep, but the bright lights in the dark room created a perfect mirrored effect that produced a depth illusion.

As you read this, you might think:  “Of course it wasn’t 50 ft. deep – this is Houston.  Of course there was a mirror effect – there’s water in the dark.”  And that’s really part of my point.

How often do we come across something in our lives that seems deeper, bigger, or harder than it really is?  In the moment, the illusion is real, complete, and breathtaking.

What sits in front of you today, this week, or for the rest of the year that seems bigger or more daunting than it really is?

Look at it from a different perspective and you may find a seemingly difficult challenge just needs a fresh view from a different angle.

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