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About Us

At Mekanix, we create well-rounded fitness experiences through our premiere coaching, programming, and tight-knit community.  We are Texas’s only gym focused on calisthenics, a time-tested form of body weight training that delivers superior strength, mobility and flexibility modalities. Calisthenics provides a powerful pathway to exploring your body’s physical (and mental) capabilities and a lifetime of physical fitness.

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Our Mission:

Help our athletes achieve greatness through fitness.


Lessons Learned from a Life in Fitness

My name is Justin Singer. I’m 42 and I’ve been passionate about fitness my entire life.  I played soccer growing up, spent most of my evenings in high school and college rock climbing, played rugby @ Rice – just to name a few things I’ve tried.  In my early 20s after college, I used to workout a few hours a day: weight lifting, running, and playing sports.  In my mid-20s I started a consulting business, and as that business grew, working out a few hours a day wasn’t realistic anymore.  Plus, lifting weights for hours and hours each week got boring.

In my quest to find something more interesting and efficient, I tried CrossFit.  I enjoyed it and gained respect for committed CrossFit athletes, but I also noticed that a lot of people at the gym (“the box”) were getting injured.  And, I had a few very close calls myself doing heavy Olympic weight lifting.  I realized it really wasn’t a goal of mine to dominate lifts like the snatch and clean and jerk.  I was in my late 20’s by this point and my priorities had shifted to training in a way that would keep me strong and healthy and also allow me to train for a lifetime.  If God so graces me, I plan to live to a very active 100+ ?

My quest for the right fitness regimen led me down a lot of different paths.  My journey led me to body weight exercise and, in particular, calisthenics.  Calisthenics captivated me for many reasons:  it allowed me to get stronger than I ever was before, it’s safe, it’s made my body more mobile, it’s fun, and it has captivated my imagination for exploring my body’s capabilities.

Options to practice in Houston were limited, though.  I found various meet-ups and lone instructors but they offered sporadic and inconsistent guidance.  There were online courses and training videos from great instructors, but it was hard practicing alone and even harder not having instructors or peers in the same room as me to ask questions of and get pointers from.   I found a few gyms that specialized in other types of training and had some bolt on instruction here and there, but it was clearly an afterthought and not a place for consistent training of the highest caliber.

I decided to create a place that would not only fill my needs but also serve as a hub for the Houston community.  Thus, Mekanix was born.

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