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Pool Strength Training

Love training and but want to be gentle on your body?

Ready to get back into the swing of working out but dealing with injuries?

Looking for an “easy on the body” option to weave into your training program?

Give pool workouts a try.

They’re perfect for all levels, whether you’re just getting used to the water or an experienced water athlete.

Pool workouts:

🌊 Improve athletic explosiveness
🌊 Enhance breathing capacity
🌊Train strength and aerobic endurance
🌊 Protect your joints by softening impact
🌊 Provide the option of training longer and harder due to the temperature regulating effects of water
🌊 Are tons of FUN!

These aren’t swim lessons or swim workouts that involve swimming lots of laps.  No deep water swimming required.  Athletes building comfort in the water can have an amazing experience in less than 4 feet of water if they choose.


Here’s What a Pool Workout Class is Like

Our classes are 1 hour long and held at our outdoor pool.   Workouts vary between classes so you’ll never get bored.  All classes share a similar structure.

  1. Safety review.  We efficiently review proper water safety.
  2. Warm-up.  We’ll prepare your body for more challenging work by starting with light cardio.  Typically this involves swimming several lengths of the pool.  Non swimmers can optionally do weighted jogs in the pool.
  3. 4 – 8 work sets.  We review and explain each set as well key points of emphasis e.g. aerobic training, breathwork training, mental focus, etc.   Modifications for beginner and advanced athletes are provided.

Each class has 10 or fewer people to provide a safe and effective teacher to athlete ratio.


What the Media Has to Say

Check out some of what the media had to say about our pool workouts:

Lauren Leal reports:


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Here’s What to Bring to Class

We recommend arriving dressed in your swim attire.  Here are some other things to consider bringing as well:

  1. Goggles or mask.  You will definitely need one or both of these. (Due to Covid 19, we no longer provide these.)   You may wish to bring both – some portions of class lend themselves best to goggles and some to masks.
  2. Water bottle
  3. Towel
  4. Sunscreen (if you want)
  5. Change of clothes for after class


Answers to Common Questions

1. Do I need be a good swimmer?

Even athletes who can’t swim can have a great workout in this class (if you can’t swim, please let us know when you book your class so we can plan accordingly.)    Most athletes have basic proficiency with swimming.  Many are active or aspiring triathletes.

2. Where is your pool located?

Our pool classes are held at our out door pool in Spring Branch, close to I-10 + Gessner.  Message us for the address, or check your e-mail after sign-up.

3. Is your pool indoors or outdoors?

Our pool classes are held at our out door pool in Spring Branch, close to I-10 + Gessner.  During heavy rain or any thunder or  lightning we do not hold class.