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Fitness Class or Scary Movie – Which Is Better?

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It’s almost Halloween, so let’s consider :  Scary Movie or Fitness Class?

Odd comparison, you say?

Scary movie : slightly uncomfortable during the experience, adrenaline and dopamine flow, wide awake and alert afterwards, minimal lasting benefits.

Typical Fitness Class from the ClassPass circuit :  slightly uncomfortable during the experience, adrenaline and dopamine flow, wide awake and alert afterwards.  Sadly, minimal lasting benefits.

There is a benefit to those “Best playlist ever” HIIT workouts and cycle classes.  The upside is the dopamine rushing through your body as you sit hot, sweaty and exhausted after class.


If you’re looking for dopamine, try a scary movie. Want that post workout glow?  Try the sauna instead – you’ll save your joints, too.

The unfortunate truth is that the development of fitness qualities from the training doesn’t always feel like “a great workout.” Developing strength, mobility, and higher quality muscle tissues often requires prolonged bouts of rest, standing around between efforts, and even (!) sitting.

As a facility with a performance-based worldview of fitness, it is our charter to develop fitness qualities, not just the feeling of fitness. Unfortunately, with the proliferation of cardio bootcamps and heart rate centric group fitness crazes it needs to be noted that the dopamine-laden good feeling doesn’t translate to training adaptation e.g. building strength, skill, mobility, or preparing for life adventures.

At Mekanix, you can expect to be coached using sound movement principles that progressively build long term strength, mobility, and health, not just a short term dose of dopamine.  If you just want to feel a rush, watch a scary movie.

Thanks to Logan @ Deuce for the inspiration.

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