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Justin shooting

Want $10,000 worth of training summarized?  Here you go.

I just got back from a few days training with former Special Forces operatives – guys that went into high risk situations around the world to save hostages and, if necessary, kill bad guys to do it.  There was a firehose of information but I can boil it down to a few high level takeaways.

Here’s the first one.  If you’re doing something that really counts, like firing a pistol at a target when the stakes are high, systems aren’t optional, they’re essential.  The more critical the outcome, the more you fine tune the system.  Here’s an example from drawing and aiming your pistol.  When your pistol is in the holster, you remove it with one hand,  obviously.  But your goal is to quickly get two hands to specific points on the pistol to accurately and consistently aim and shoot.  Here’s an interesting take away that resonated for me.  As you’re “building your grip”, the process of putting your second hand on the pistol is multiple steps, not a single step like I would have guessed.  Step 1 is to make contact between a specific point on your second hand and the barrel of the pistol.  Only then do you wrap your second hand fully into position.  Why?  Because it builds the habit and feedback loop that your hand is in the proper position before you fully build your grip.  No matter what level shooter you are, you can always feel where your hand makes contact with the pistol.  Consistently touch the same, correct spot and chances are high you’ll complete the entire process successfully.

As it goes in shooting, so it goes in life.  For health and fitness, there are plenty of examples.  The simplest one that predicts success is having a consistent point each week where you schedule your training sessions.  Build a consistent weekly touch point where you plan your upcoming training sessions (I like early Monday mornings) and you’ll almost certainly see your success improve.   3 -4 training sessions each week is a very achievable standard.

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