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Shackleton Endurance Story

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What if right now was your moment for greatness, your chance to show yourself and the world what you’re capable of?

Last week I devoured the unabridged audio version of “Endurance,” the remarkable story of a fateful boat voyage to the Antarctic.  A crew of 27 had their boat destroyed by Antarctic ice, leaving them isolated in one of the planet’s most inhospitable environments.  Against all odds, the entire crew survived after a 2 year ordeal.

The hero of the story is Ernest Shackleton, the leader of the expedition who believed they could survive and led the group to successful rescue.  The capstone of these efforts was an 800 mile voyage in a tiny lifeboat over the South Atlantic’s heaviest seas and, after finally reaching land, a 22 mile hike over mountains on frostbitten feet to ultimately find rescue.

Ironically, had the expedition achieved its original goal of traversing the Antarctic, their story would most likely have been lost to history.  Instead, the expedition’s failure created one of the greatest stories of human endurance and achievement that is still lionized over a century later.

A moment can unlock greatness, Antarctic conditions not required.  What if your moment was right now?  What if the exact way life is unfolding is merely setting the playing field for your moment of greatness?

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