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Transform Your Fitness with Mekanix Gym’s 30-Day Back to Basics Calisthenics Program

Are you looking for a transformative fitness journey that is not only beginner-friendly but also focused on building strength and promoting longevity? Look no further! Mekanix Gym in Houston proudly introduces its 30-Day Calisthenics Back to Basics Program , designed to redefine your fitness experience with sustainable and impactful exercises. Mark your calendars for December […]

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Fitness Class or Scary Movie – Which Is Better?

It’s almost Halloween, so let’s consider :  Scary Movie or Fitness Class? Odd comparison, you say? Scary movie : slightly uncomfortable during the experience, adrenaline and dopamine flow, wide awake and alert afterwards, minimal lasting benefits. Typical Fitness Class from the ClassPass circuit :  slightly uncomfortable during the experience, adrenaline and dopamine flow, wide awake and alert […]

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Only Useful for Goals You’re Committed to Achieve

Want $10,000 worth of training summarized?  Here you go. I just got back from a few days training with former Special Forces operatives – guys that went into high risk situations around the world to save hostages and, if necessary, kill bad guys to do it.  There was a firehose of information but I can […]

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Shackleton Endurance Story

What if right now was your moment for greatness, your chance to show yourself and the world what you’re capable of? Last week I devoured the unabridged audio version of “Endurance,” the remarkable story of a fateful boat voyage to the Antarctic.  A crew of 27 had their boat destroyed by Antarctic ice, leaving them […]

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Not what it seems . . .

I went to the Houston Cisterns yesterday.  If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it (for the non-Houstonians, it’s worth the trip). Once an underground water reservoir for the city, this beautiful piece of engineering has now been turned into a civic experience.  I went to see a temporary art exhibit – an audiovisual piece […]

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Question – are you getting closer to your goals?

Going to a Tony Robbins seminar a few years ago taught me an incredible amount and one of the things I keep coming back to is his take on questions. Tony claims your success is directly related to the type of questions you ask. In his words: “Ask better questions and you’ll get better answers.” […]

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The Best Kind of Work

The Best Kind of Work Last week, I spent 4 days in the high country outside Aspen, Colorado. In the middle of an intense work crunch, I went 100% off the grid, unreachable by phone, text, e-mail, or anything else.  I lived out of my backpack, camped under the stars, and spent quality time with […]

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Five Reasons Triathletes Love Mekanix Gym

Five Reasons Triathletes Love Mekanix Ever thought of trying a triathlon? Maybe you’re a veteran triathlete looking for ways to get more out of your training or just have more fun with the process. Triathletes love our gym because our recovery and athletic optimization offerings are a perfect compliment to their demanding training routines.   […]

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What Inspires You?

  Do you love a good true crime story as much as me?  If so, you’ll love the Swindled podcast I was enjoying this weekend. And yes, you’re reading the right newsletter – Mekanix One Percent Better – and I promise this all quickly comes back to fitness in short order. The latest episode covers […]

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What Is Deep Survival?

A survival trivia question for you:  Which of these 4 groups has the highest survival rates when lost in the wilderness? Children 6 and under Children  7 – 12 A “normal” teenager / adult A trained  teenager / adult Surprisingly, it’s Group 1:  Children 6 and under. Why?  They haven’t formed models of the world.  […]

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