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Justin shooting

Only Useful for Goals You’re Committed to Achieve

Want $10,000 worth of training summarized?  Here you go. I just got back from a few days training with former Special Forces operatives – guys that went into high risk situations around the world to save hostages and, if necessary, kill bad guys to do it.  There was a firehose of information but I can […]

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Shackleton Endurance Story

What if right now was your moment for greatness, your chance to show yourself and the world what you’re capable of? Last week I devoured the unabridged audio version of “Endurance,” the remarkable story of a fateful boat voyage to the Antarctic.  A crew of 27 had their boat destroyed by Antarctic ice, leaving them […]

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Not what it seems . . .

I went to the Houston Cisterns yesterday.  If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it (for the non-Houstonians, it’s worth the trip). Once an underground water reservoir for the city, this beautiful piece of engineering has now been turned into a civic experience.  I went to see a temporary art exhibit – an audiovisual piece […]

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