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The Best Kind of Work


The Best Kind of Work

Last week, I spent 4 days in the high country outside Aspen, Colorado. In the middle of an intense work crunch, I went 100% off the grid, unreachable by phone, text, e-mail, or anything else.  I lived out of my backpack, camped under the stars, and spent quality time with my sister and brother in law.

I did this for work.

I’ll explain how in a moment.

First, have you heard about the two lumberjacks?

Each day they started at the exact same time, spent the whole day chopping down trees together, and both went home at the exact same time every evening.

However, each day one of the lumberjacks always chopped down way more trees than his partner and he would disappear for around an hour at lunch while the other guy worked right through lunch.

Finally the lumberjack that was getting outperformed had had enough.

“What the hell!?” he said. “We start at the same time, finish at the same time, AND you disappear for an hour each day but you STILL cut down more trees than I do! How!?”

“Simple,” said the other lumberjack. “I go home and sharpen my blade each day at lunch.”

Time in nature sharpens my axe.

It fills my cup.

Refreshes me.

Renews me.

Energizes me.

Help me tackle everything else in my life.

How are you sharpening your axe…?

1% Better Every Day!