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Five Reasons Triathletes Love Mekanix Gym

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Five Reasons Triathletes Love Mekanix

Ever thought of trying a triathlon? Maybe you’re a veteran triathlete looking for ways to get more out of your training or just have more fun with the process. Triathletes love our gym because our recovery and athletic optimization offerings are a perfect compliment to their demanding training routines.


Improve breathing performance and mechanics. 

Breathing better is the low hanging fruit for improving mental and physical performance.  From Tim Ferris to Joe Rogan to Tony Robbins to Laird Hamilton to scores of other top mental and physical performers, breathwork is their secret edge.  Our Performance Breathwork classes are perfect for improving breathing mechanics and lung capacity.


Build comfort in the water. 

Every triathlete has at least one race component we can affectionately call a growth opportunity.  For many, that growth opportunity is the swim portion.  Our Pool Training classes are perfect for building comfort and skill in the water (not to mention a whole lot more fun than just swimming laps).


Mental and physical recovery. 

Triathlon training is hard on the body and mind.  Fire & Ice is the perfect solution. Our 1 hour Fire & Ice classes are a chance to bond with like minded humans while getting the ultimate mind and body relaxation.


Mobilize and bulletproof your body. 

Triathlon training works your body hard. Our Flexibility and Recovery classes are perfect for stretching out tight muscles, plus bulletproofing your body against injury.


Acclimatize to colder water.

OK, you probably picked a triathlon with a swim in warm waters. But if you’re checking off a bucket list event like Escape from Alcatraz in the chilly Pacific Ocean, try our ice baths to build comfort with the cold.

Triathlete or not, if you’re curious about any of the above, click HERE to learn more and get booked into your first class.