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Sauna Workout and Ice Bath Therapy

Men in sauna

We get questions all the time about how this works. The real answer is that it’s magic – but let’s break it down further.

Our Fire & Ice sessions last about an hour and consist of three rounds alternating between ice and heat. If it’s your first time, your Instructor will be there to fully guide you through the process.


After rinsing off in the outdoor shower, the fun begins in the ice bath. Start with a few deep breaths into the belly, and then take the plunge into the tub. We recommend fully submerging your body all the way up to your neck, if you can.

The purpose of the ice is to soothe inflammation in the body and aid with muscle soreness and recovery. So you only fully reap the benefits if you can get all or most of your body into the ice. Try to stay in for as long as you can. Most people aim for between 15 seconds and 3 minutes for each cold plunge. Remember: it’s normal to feel stress in the ice bath, but you’re fully in control, and can get out any time.


After the ice bath, you’ll be ready to warm up in the sauna. The warmth will feel very inviting after the ice. It may take a few minutes for your body to adjust to the change in temperature. Note that the spaces farther from the sauna door are the hottest, and the spaces nearest the door are cooler. You will want to remove any metal jewelry before entering the heat.

The purpose of the sauna – in addition to warming you up – is to improve full-body circulation and cardiovascular function. Long term, this means feeling and performing better. Short term, it produces a deeply relaxing feeling.


After three rounds, it’s time for your final dunk in the ice! We recommend this “cherry on top” final dunk in and out of the ice bath to cap off your experience so that you leave fully invigorated and refreshed. Take a few minutes to dry off, change clothes, and chat before getting on the road. Once you’re home safely, remember to re-hydrate, and book your next Fire & Ice session at Mekanix!