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Bailey MacDonnell – Studio Manager

Studio Manager

Bailey’s interest in mobility initially began as an extension of her yoga practice. When Bailey began teaching yoga, she noticed many yogis seemed preoccupied with increasing flexibility (“stretchiness”), while there was less interest in creating stable, sustainable movement patterns. Following this hunch, Bailey started to explore how mobility patterns were impacting her own form, and that of people in her yoga classes. What she saw ultimately caused her to change her teaching approach, making alignment and form the most important aspects of the practice she teaches. With a safe foundation in the joints and bones, Bailey believes flexibility in the muscles comes naturally with time.

Fast forward, and Bailey has begun teaching athletic recovery, prehab, and restoration practices to a range of clients. She teaches strategies for soft tissue release, including self-myofascial release, and can still definitely help people become stretchier – but she emphasizes that all mobility starts with building good alignment patterns to replace our personal, habitual ones. The goal is not to change how you perform in the gym, but to change how you sit, stand, sleep, and move throughout your day.