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Breathwork for Athletic Performance

“Few people focus on the one area that can help improve all other areas: the breathe.”

– The Mekanix Team

Learn to train and improve one of the most important tools in your arsenal – your breath. You breathe every day (well, we certainly hope you do!), but like most of us, probably not optimally. We can live for a month without food, a week without water, but only minutes without oxygen. The breath is the most fundamental part of our being. In today’s society, we focus on so many areas of self-improvement such as fitness, nutrition, and the mental game. However, few people focus on the one area that can help improve all of the other ones: the breath.

Poor breathing mechanics can:

  • Limit sports performance
  • Lead to poor movement mechanics
  • Impair release of oxygen to your cells
  • Lead to poor sleep patterns, anxiety, and fatigue

We host breathwork classes to train proper breathing mechanics. Our guided breathe sessions will help you learn to expand lung capacity, control mental and physical state through breathe, and improve breathing mechanics.

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