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Mekanix Fitness Success Portal

Wish you had a trusted place with everything you need to achieve your fitness goals at your fingertips?

OVERWHELMED by the unlimited free information through Google, YouTube, Instagram, and Podcasts?

At Mekanix, we understand, and that’s why we created the Mekanix Fitness Success Portal.

You don’t have to sift through all that information and figure out who you can trust, what applies to you, and how to put it all together to achieve your goals.

Get UNLIMITED monthly access to the Mekanix Fitness Success Portal for an incredibly low price.

Here’s what’s included:


Complete full body workouts that work for all levels

Weekly Workouts


How-To Videos for Individual Exercises

Sample Workout Library


Detailed Fitness Guides and Cheat Sheets Covering:

  1. Beginner Guides. Perfect for getting started no matter your current level.
  2. Advanced Guides. As you progress, learn and perfect advanced movements like muscle-ups, handstands, levers, and more.
  3. Movement Guides. Common calisthenics movements and exactly how to perfect them, starting from any level.
  4. Recovery guide. Learn how to recover your mind and your body.
  5. Much more

Sample Movement Guide


Comprehensive Equipment Guide

So you can build a training area for your home or a portable gym that fits in your suitcase when you travel.
Mekanix Equipment Guide


Tips, Tricks, and Much more

Sample Progression Guide

Get UNLIMITED ACCESS to the Mekanix portal for a low introductory price.
New information being added every week!
Access from anywhere using your laptop, tablet, or phone (iPhone or Android.)

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