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First Class

You’ve signed up for your first class… Now what?

Congratulations on taking the first step in your fitness journey! We can’t wait for you to jump right in and experience calisthenics and our wonderful community. We know trying something new can be intimidating, but don’t worry— we’re here to help! Please see below for some helpful “to-do’s/FAQ’s” to ensure you can jump right in and have a great first class!

  1. Liability waiver
  2. What to bring
  3. When to arrive

Liability Waiver

Read and sign our liability waiver before your class to make sure you can jump right in when class starts! (You won’t be able to take the class without it!). Log in using the same Mindbody username and password you used to sign up for the class.

What to Bring

We have lockers, a shower, and water fountains for your convenience. We also provide equipment. However, if you would prefer to bring a water bottle to refill or your own mat for floor work, you are welcome to do so!

When to Arrive

Please arrive 15 minutes before the class time starts to meet the trainer, the community, and to fill out the liability waiver (which you already did because you’re AMAZING!)


Still Have Questions?

Reach out to us! You can call or text (832) 598-5335, or email us at admin@mekanixhouston.com.


We can’t wait to meet you!