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What can I expect?

Expect a good workout that hits your entire body. Our instructors engage all personnel and ensure they are guided through the movements correctly and safely ensuring that they not only get a good workout, but learn how to perform the exercise on their own.

Our standard calisthenics class lasts an hour and is broken down as follows:

  • Warm-up and then stretching and mobility work to prepare the body to safely workout.
  • Endurance body-weight circuits. We typically do several sets of body weight circuits. Each circuit consists of 2 – 4 different exercises. Our instructor demonstrates the movements and ensures each person knows how to safely and properly perform each one. Adjustments are given to make the exercise easier or harder depending on each student’s skill level and needs.
  • Strength circuits. Similar to above, these circuits usually involve fewer repetitions that are more challenging. As above, our instructor ensures each student has the exercise scaled to what they can comfortably handle.
  • Conditioning. We finish with a few minutes of vigorous cardiovascular or abdominal conditioning.
  • Cool down and stretching. Lastly, our instructor leads the group cool down and stretching to prevent injury and help with recovery.

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