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COVID-19 & Your Safety

It’s official: We have reopened!

We are excited to welcome new and old faces back into the studio. Please know that your health and safety are very important to us. In addition to state and local requirements, we are taking these steps to ensure your safety and health:


Update on Masks (June 22, 2020)

The City of Houston has required businesses to develop and post a mask plan. All participants will be required to wear a mask in bathrooms and other “non-outdoor” spaces. Masks in the workout areas are not required as participating in strenuous physical activity with restricted breathing ability could increase other health risks.


Sick? Stay at home

If you’re sick, stay at home. We’re enforcing this policy. Also, we’re happy to give you a workout you can do at home. Or, just log on to the Mekanix Success Anywhere Portal which has 60+ workouts (more added every week), 200+ exercise videos, detailed movement guides, and much more!


Increased daily cleaning

We’ve always cleaned the gym daily. We’re increasing this to cleaning between classes, including wiping down equipment with EPA recommended disinfectants and using a steam cleaner.


Professional disinfecting services

We’ve hired a commercial disinfecting company (Sky High Defense) to use a special disinfecting spray that kills the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Each treatment provides up to 6 weeks of protection and these services will be used on a regular basis.


Limiting class sizes

Our class sizes will be limited based on recommended guidelines. This may not feel any different than before– Mekanix classes have always been small to allow personalized instruction and feedback.


Sunlight + open air

We’ll be taking advantage of our large garage doors and leaving them open to let the sunlight in and a nice breeze to flow through the studio. Both are shown to reduce the risk of viruses lingering around.


Self-service cleaning

We’re taking care of cleaning the studio between classes. But, if you want to give your equipment an additional wipe down, we’ve got your back. We’ve stocked up on disinfecting cleaners and wipes.


Safety reminders

Washing your hands and not touching your face are the two biggest things you can do to stop the spread of COVID-19 or any virus. BTW, we’ve always stocked our restrooms with high quality, non-toxic soap so your hands will feel great after hand washing! We ask that you please wash your hands upon entering and exiting the studio.


Want your own equipment?

If you’d prefer to have your own equipment to bring with you to each class and/or use for at-home workouts, let us know. We can recommend exactly what you need. Our free equipment guide is a great start– download it here.


Train from home

Try our new Mekanix Success Anywhere Portal which has 60+ workouts (more added every week), 200+ exercise videos, detailed movement guides, and much more!


Help us help you!

The Texas Department of State Health Services provided two resources to help both our studio and our athletes stay healthy and safe. Please read the requirements to use our facility here.


If some of these things don’t seem new, that’s because they’re not. The personalized Mekanix experience with small classes and a great instructor to athlete ratio has always been a core part of our offering. Cleanliness, health, and safety have always been a priority. Calisthenics has also always been the perfect exercise to continue practicing when you’re at home or on the road.


Let’s get 1% better today, together.


We are keeping an eye on the latest updates and recommendations from the CDC, WHO, and other state and local health agencies and will update this list as needed. Check back often for up-to-date information.