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Mekanix is Houston’s only gym focused on calisthenics and body weight training.


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Note From The Founder

I’m 42 and I’ve been passionate about fitness my entire life. Growing up, I was active for hours a day – rock climbing, weight lifting, soccer, and rugby were my passions. By my mid-20s I’d started a consulting business and things changed.

As my business and personal responsibilities grew, time was at a premium and my old fitness routine wasn’t realistic anymore. My fitness routine stagnated and so did my results. I began to dread the thought of going to the gym to lift weights or jog on the treadmill.

I needed a better solution, one I could get excited about.

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Our Community

Why Patti Loves Mekanix

Mekanix member Patti explains her favorite aspects of calisthenics and why she loves Mekanix. Can you guess what her favorite movement is?

Why Alvin Loves Mekanix

Learn why Alvin loves Mekanix.

Why Leah Loves Mekanix

Learn why Leah loves Mekanix.

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