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Fire and Ice

Something has unmistakably changed. Typically, when hot weather arrives and the pool temperatures climb to 83 degrees and higher, I struggle with overheating. . . Apparently, there’s been a significant shift in my physiology. The only thing I can think of that would have increased my hot and cold tolerance is my regular Fire and Ice sessions over the past year.
David Guthrie

Want the ultimate mental and physical relaxation?

Trying to address inflammation or muscle soreness, or speed up recovery from an injury?

Chasing after better sleep?

Fire and Ice at Mekanix is an immersive recovery experience that involves alternating between ice bath and sauna. Even the most skeptical participants are amazed at how good they feel mentally and physically after the hour-long class.

Cold exposure (🧊 ICE )  e.g. spending anywhere from 15 seconds to 3 minutes in a cold ice tub soothes inflammation and  muscle soreness;

Heat exposure (🔥 FIRE) e.g. spending time 10 – 20 minutes in a sauna improves full-body circulation and cardiovascular function.

Together, the effects of Fire & Ice include:
↪ Reduced Stress & Anxiety
↪ Muscle Recovery
↪ Boosted Immunity
↪ Increased Metabolism
↪ Reduced Inflammation
↪ Improved Blood Flow

You’ll also learn to use your breath as a tool to soothe your body’s nervous reactions in this incredible hour-long experience.

The total effect of Fire & Ice is deeply relaxing, and if practiced consistently, it can alter the way you respond to stressful stimuli – either in an athletic endeavor, or in your every day life.

Working out is only one piece of getting healthy. There’s so much more to your health than just hitting the gym, and Mekanix considers Fire & Ice a crucial part of the way we integrate fitness with lifestyle so that you can reach your goals.

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“The Cold is my teacher, hard but righteous.”

– Wim Hof