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Instructor Victor Reyes

Victor Reyes

Calisthenics Trainer

Victor is an acrobat and martial artist who started training when he is just 5 years old.  He competed in taekwondo before turning 16, at which time he suffered an injury during training for the Junior Olympic Trials. In college, he began learning and understanding the art of movement, which led him to discover circus arts soon after.  In addition to training for over 20 years, Victor has also been coaching gymnastics for over 5 years.   Victor employs a variety of gymnastics elements to optimally develop full body awareness and control throughout his workouts.  From conventional pull ups to backflips, Victor breaks down exercises into straight-forward, easy to digest steps that not only provide great workouts, but also cater towards learning new skills as well.

Victor is a strong believer in constant learning. In addition of living an active lifestyle, Victor constantly applies his different skill sets to his and his student’s ongoing fitness journey.  These include body weight elements from acrobatics, tumbling, and even circus arts. He believes the body is capable of learning more than just picking up a dumbbell and that body weight exercise is a more fun and satisfying journey.


Victor’s Motto: “The more you move the more you learn”

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