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Instructor Sherman Walker

Sherman Walker

Calisthenics Trainer

Sherman Walker is a former competitive gymnast who has been coaching gymnastics and calisthenics for almost 20 years.  Sherman started in gymnastics when one of his eight grade teachers realized that he was performing unique flips designed by himself while practicing at the football’s field.  Almost immediately after, Sherman began formally training to learn proper techniques and safety awareness.

Sherman was ranked 25th nation-wide during his first national competition. Within the next 4 years, Sherman was ranked 1st in the region on floor exercise and parallel bars, and first in the state on vault.  Due to Sherman’s successful high school career, he was awarded a scholarship at Temple University, placing 4th as a freshman at the EIGL Championship on parallel bars and 3rd on vault at the ECAC championship.

Working out has been an integral part of his life and the physical and mental benefits of exercise have helped him tremendously.  After competing in gymnastics during college, he decided to share his knowledge and experience with others in the hope of promoting healthy lifestyles. Starting first with friends and family, he got such a positive response, that he decided to increase the reach of athletes he trained.

Sherman has always been a strong advocate and fan of body weight exercise.   Coming from a gymnastics background, he is eager to help others reach their fitness goals without having to resort to programs such as heavy weight lifting which, while beneficial in their own right, also have a high incidence of injury and wearing down of the body.  Calisthenics has something to offer everyone, from someone just entering the realm of fitness, up to the advanced athlete. Whatever the goal may be, Sherman’s approach is to take progressive steps rather than jump right into difficult movements and positions. The more comfortable and confident an athlete feels about learning a particular move, the faster they will progress while also minimizing the risk of injury.

Sherman’s professional accomplishments include:

Sherman’s motto is: “What we think, we become.”

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