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Instructor Gregory Scott

Gregory Scott

Calisthenics Trainer

From a young age, Greg has always been an athlete, including football, baseball, track and field, wrestling, kickboxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Through these different disciplines, he was not only exposed to a broad range of athletic movements, he also learned the power impact of a great coach and great training environment. He noticed that when his coaches guided him through well thought programs and put in the work and effort, he and achieved dramatic results. After high school ended and he no longer had the push from coaches and teammates, Greg found it difficult to get self-motivated and stopped working out for over a year

A series of events led to him working at a local gym and it was there he met a trainer that changed his life. This trainer took him through a bodyweight / calisthenics that was insanely challenging in a way he had never experienced. What made it even more amazing is that the only equipment being used was of parallel bars and his bodyweight.

Shortly after that workout, the calisthenics trainer was no longer a part of Greg’s gym, but Greg was hooked on body weight training and determined to improve. That one calisthenics workout had given him his drive and determination back. He set out to learn everything he could about calisthenics, movement, and fitness. Next, he learned more about adjacent disciplines like powerlifting, gymnastics, and kettlebells. As part of this journey, Greg became certified as a personal trainer and embarked on a training career to help others, especially those who needed that initial push. Greg truly believes everybody has a fire in them that just needs to be lit up! He wants everybody to strive to become the strongest version of themselves and not waste their potential!

When Greg is not working out two of his main hobbies are reading and filmmaking! His motto is “Get 1% better every day. Let’s all get better together! His certifications include:

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