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Why Calisthenics?
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Mekanix is Houston’s only gym focused on calisthenics and body weight training.

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Mekanix is designed

to help you achieve the sculptured physique and elite fitness levels you have always aspired to.  No  complex equipment required.

At Mekanix we offer a series of programs focused around strength, balance, flexibility, wellbeing and body weight exercises.

Our coaches and trainers are highly qualified and motivational.   Their primary objective is helping you meet your health and fitness goals in a fun and safe way.

At Mekanix we offer group classes that are skill based and objective orientated; this ensures that our Clients are improving their skill set and working towards a defined objective.

Our team can also offer you one on one consultation to define a program that is not only effective and targeted, but customized to your exact needs.

Rugged Equipment

Our gym is outfitted with brand new equipment, including a rugged rig around which many workouts are centered.  Indoor and outdoor rigs are installed to provide for a wide range of workouts.

Modern Facility

Our modern facility in Montrose has been completely renovated to the highest standards.  This includes the workout facility, locker areas and luxurious restrooms.


Our premises are protected with 24/7 surveillance cameras for your security and peace of mind.

Mekanix has custom designed workout rigs both indoors and outdoors.

Training Programs / Services

Calisthenics Group Class

Calisthenics, or “Street workouts”, as it is sometimes referred to, is one of the fastest growing disciplines globally due to the amazing results achieved in a short period of time and with minimal equipment.  The word calisthenics comes from the ancient Greek words kalós (καλός), which means “beauty”, and sthénos (σθένος), meaning “strength”. Calisthenics can be most easily defined as a system of using one’s own body weight to workout the entire body.  The skills you learn in our programs will stay with you for life and can be practiced almost anywhere.

Our standard calisthenics class lasts an hour and is broken down as follows:

  1. Warm-up and then stretching and mobility work to prepare the body to safely workout.
  2. Endurance body-weight circuits.  We typically do several sets of body weight circuits.  Each circuit consists of 2 – 4 different exercises.  Our instructor demonstrates the movements and ensures each person knows how to safely and properly perform each one.   Adjustments are given to make the exercise easier or harder depending on each  student’s skill level and needs.
  3. Strength circuits.  Similar to above, these circuits usually involve fewer repetitions that are more challenging.  As above, our instructor ensures each student has the exercise scaled to what they can comfortably handle.
  4. Conditioning.  We finish with a few minutes of vigorous cardiovascular or abdominal conditioning.
  5. Cool down and stretching.  Lastly, our instructor leads the group cool down and stretching to prevent injury and help with recovery.

Active Recovery

Active Recovery classes consist of low to moderate intensity exercises to promote blood flow and mobilize the primary joints.   This class will help improve dynamic flexibility and prevent injury.

We believe mobility and flexibility are so important to overall physical fitness, we incorporate them into every class.  Our active recovery classes focus on mobility and flexibility 100%.  These classes are perfect for preparing your body for more advanced body weight movements while also making  your body more robust to avoid injury. Active Recovery classes are perfect to counteract the effects of sitting at a desk all day long.  They’re also a great class if you’re looking for a lower impact class to keep your body moving.  Don’t confuse low-impact with easy, though.  Active Recovery classes will challenge you and provide a great workout.

Why Calisthenics

Simply put, calisthenics is a fun and safe way to get fit, build muscle, and tone your physique.  Most fitness enthusiasts arrive at calisthenics after becoming frustrated with regular gyms and mainstream fitness programs.

Calisthenics is nothing new, yet the fundamentals are often forgotten and overlooked.

Calisthenics exercise can also concentrate on specific areas of the body, so you can look to sculpture your physique whatever you want.

Calisthenics is a simple, natural style of exercise focused around making your body work the way it should and finely tuning it’s performance.

Calisthenics is a high-impact form of exercise that can be performed with no additional equipment so you can train at home, in a hotel, on a beach, at a gym or practically any other place.

Calisthenics can be done anywhere and the skills you will learn in our class can be done in any location without the use of equipment.

Calisthenics build solid muscles mass and increase general strength all over. Unlike lifting regular weights where muscles can become isolated, leaving the surrounding muscles weak, calisthenics brings together your entire body giving you a strong athletic and natural look.

Our Team

Chelsea Lu Headshot

Chelsea Lu

Calisthenics Trainer

Chelsea Lu brings years of experience in body weight training to Mekanix, including calisthenics training and aerial arts.

Instructor Victor Reyes

Victor Reyes

Calisthenics Trainer

Victor is an acrobat and martial artist who started training when he is just 5 years old.  He competed in taekwondo before turning 16, at which time he suffered an injury during training for the Junior Olympic Trials. In college,... Read more

Instructor Sherman Walker

Sherman Walker

Calisthenics Trainer

Sherman Walker is a former competitive gymnast who has been coaching gymnastics and calisthenics for almost 20 years.  Sherman started in gymnastics when one of his eight grade teachers realized that he was performing unique flips designed by himself while... Read more

Instructor Gregory Scott

Gregory Scott

Calisthenics Trainer

From a young age, Greg has always been an athlete, including football, baseball, track and field, wrestling, kickboxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Through these different disciplines, he was not only exposed to a broad range of athletic movements, he also learned... Read more

What Our Athletes Say About Us

Ooofff these guys nailed it. Nothing like this anywhere, and I have been a fitness junky for almost two decades. I have had memberships at several gyms like  Equinox, Lifetime Fitness,  various yoga studios, LA fitness, 24 hrs, Crossfit boxes, etc. I knew I was needing something and I was ready to step up my game so I came to check Mekanix out. It has completely surpassed my expectations. It’s just a cool place. I have gotten so strong and I can’t wait til I can do some of the awesome stuff some of the people in here can do. It’s a fun environment, it’s super inviting and I don’t feel like I’m a number. It’s like having a personal trainer and working out with your friends at the same time. The classes are small and intimate and you get plenty attention. Here are highlights of my experience:

  • The instructors are highly trained and have an extensive background in calisthenics as well as gymnastics. They are very talented, dedicated, patient and very creative.
  • The workouts in which we isolate muscle groups has made such an impact on the sports I do like cycling and aerials.
  • The workouts are always coached with at least 3 levels of difficulty. When I first started coming I was able to plug in easily and gradually push myself, avoiding injuries.
  • The workouts are also very balanced and don’t just emphasize on lower body or upper body.

Joined a few months ago and have had much progress! Knowledgeable trainers know how to prepare you for more advanced movements and keep you injury free. As with any training program you get out what you put in. But the workouts are different from what I was used to so they’ve helped me get out of the plateau. Keep the gains coming!

Great new workout concept for me that is very challenging! Saturday 9AM class certainly sets the tone for my weekend! Not to mention the instructors and class mates are very friendly and welcoming!

I have trained under a number of different programs over the years, but Calisthenics is the most superior of system I have tried. Although I have only been training Calisthenics for a few months, my strength, flexibility and body control has increased substantially.  I was amazed at how quickly they helped me with something as simple as tripling the number of strict pull-ups I could do.  And the strength results translated into my physique, too!  Maybe best of all is I haven’t had an injury in months, something that was common practice in some of the other programs I have attended such as CrossFit and powerlifting. Love what you’re doing Mekanix!  To everyone else, I highly recommend giving this gym a go!

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